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  1. I could solve this by injecting Intel Graphics support in the Clover options when booting. The thing is that I always have to tick it before booting MacOS.. Is there a way to "save" this option and leave it ticked for good? Thanks!
  2. I have succesfully installed MacOS Mojave on my laptop. The problem is that I always have to boot with my USB stick plugged in... Is there a solution for this?
  3. I haven't! I didn't know it existed! Is my laptop compatible with it? I have read the hardware requirements for Niresh Mojave but I am not sure. What do you think? I'm downloading it nevertheless and I will try it!
  4. Hello there, I want to know if my laptop is compatible to install macos alongside windows. I have tried a few tutorials, which involved installing macos Sierra on a virtual machine and then downloading macos Sierra installation and flashing the installation into a pendrive with unibeast. I have tried setting the Bios accordingly for it to boot but it didn't work, I cannot boot into the installation. The tutorials which I tried were made for laptops with similar specs to mine. What I want to ask you is if my laptop is really compatible or not and if there are any existing tutorials that can help me install macos on my computer. (I know that the wifi card won't work, but I don't have a problem with that). Here are my specs: Intel I3-3120m (2.50ghz) 6gb ram kingston ssd 256gb Graphics Intel HD 4000 Bios legacy and uefi compatibility Broadcom 802.11.n Network Adapter
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