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  1. @Niresh thank a lot for help, i'll fix
  2. @Niresh i think Mojave still a lot error, i'm ready to creat usb boot High Sierra
  3. @Niresh booting and video memory only 3mb, i try hard to fix, but fail
  4. I’m so tired with my Hackintosh, i was installed on my SSD, and now i’m still a lot of errors with Mojave on my laptop, pls help me! Thank a lot!
  5. Hello guys, i'm using ASUS GL552VX-DM143D with: -CPU: i5-6300HQ with HD530 -Chipset: HM150 -GPU: GTX 950M Please help me to patch DSDT and SSDTs, link bellow. https://bit.ly/2NfXGTI Thanks so much!
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