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  1. why am i an idiot i already figured it out dont mind about this topic!
  2. Yes I tried my computer and my brothers and both Pc's could not open the .dmg
  3. well transmac can open all files above sierra but not anything lower and if it can be fixed please tell me
    how come TransMac Cant Open The Partitions? well that's a problem with all of niresh's items
  4. I just used "Amd Os X" to install elcapitan and then I got a blinking line at the top left and it does not load so please help me A.S.A.P because I have no windows backup so I'm screwed until I can get it to work
  5. how would i add an AMD kernel to a mac installer using TransMac or Any Software Suggested i have been stumped for a while now...
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