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  1. Hi i know its an old discussion..but i want to update something about this. I have niresh sierra (Credited to Niresh btw). I had the same problem & reading this thread to solve it. But no solution to be found here. Then, I felt frustrated & deleting all the boot flags originally come with the sierra zone. If not mistaken the boot flags were " -v darkwake=0 dart=0 slide=0 ". Suddenly i can boot into the installation page. NICE. As I am writing this while waiting for the installing to finished. Wew. My Hackintosh Build: ASRock H61M-VS R2.0 Intel G2010 2.8GHz (Ivy-Bridge) 6GB DDR3 RAM 1333MHz Western Digital 250GB Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5870 1GB DDR5
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