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  1. After installing Yosemite with macpwn using clover (normal clover) I can't access the system. Stuck on gray screen with mouse. If I try to rebuild caches (using -f or safe mode) I get few errors: Warning: couldn't block sleep during cache update Warning: proceeding w/o DiskArb Then it tries to rebuild kernel cache but after few seconds I get timeout. Then it continue to work and get stuck on kext com.apple.driver.AppleMobileDevice 30300900 is in exception list, allowing it to load. If I use only -v I get to the gray screen. HP compaq dc7900 Thank you for helping.
  2. USB not working with caches. Using clover. HP Compaq dc7900 cmt OSX: 10.9.3 It started when i updated to 10.9.3. I also have this problem with the 10.10 installation but because it only boot to the caches, i can't install. I have tried: USBBusFix, the legacy flag, using clover usb fix. Please help, I don't have any problems with my mac right now, but the boot time is long and i really need 10.10. Thanks

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