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  1. Ok I understand the cl.ly now. But when I give the link here, getting a spam message and not getting submitted. I uploaded here as we - https://app.box.com/s/shbkwtuzwbn0vhdyllpnojvnet5tng2n
  2. Thanks for the reply! I am sorry, I don't understand what is cl.ly and how can I attach. Can you please give me the steps. I have been trying to installed the FakePCIID kext for last few days, after seeing your message. Searched may times, looked other hackintosh sites (tonyosx, etc.) but could not find how to and which one to install for my intel hd3000 on i5 cpu. I don't mean to ask so many things. It just not able to find in the internet and trying to learn. There is no article or book to explain all this so that I can read. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  3. Sorry, I am not following. I installed in laptop, no external monitor was connected. This is Thinkpad t430s and laptop monitor works fine. Only the external monitor, HDMI or VGA both don't work. How can I attached an attachment? I tired to attach a debug dump (using the tonymacosx) site. I can attache config.list file or other kexts details to help. Please let me know.
  4. I have used the clover to install sierra 10.12.6 on my thinkpad t430s. No external monitor is detected. Please guide me to right direction.
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