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  1. UmarN1

    Hp Probook 470 G1

    Thank you a lot I will try to fix them. And I don't know much about hackintosh is there any video about installation step by step starting from dual boot , fully installation drivers for my laptop@magicmarcus@magicmarcus@magicmarcus
  2. UmarN1

    Hp Probook 470 G1

    Is there someone who will answer
  3. UmarN1

    Hp Probook 470 G1

    @Niresh Thank you one more time. I installed MacOs Mojave. But I've got some problems with my laptop. I think you can help. 1.Wifi isn't working. 2. I can't see percentage of battery. 3. I can't change brightness. 4. Some animations laggy like opening launchpad or some packages. How can I solve this problems.
  4. UmarN1

    Hp Probook 470 G1

    @Niresh thank you
  5. UmarN1

    Hp Probook 470 G1

    And can I make a dual boot with windows 10
  6. Please help me. Iwant to install macos but I have never tried to install macos. I have got Hp Probook 470 G1 i3-4000m hd graphics 4600 and amd Radeon hd8600/8700m Kingston SSD 120gb which os will work better and what problem they have with my laptop. And is there any video instruction to install.