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  1. @Niresh yea while using I figured that out but the WiFi isn't yet working any clues for that??
  2. @Niresh Hey mate thanks for the help That was resolved by removing that partition and I could successfully install hackintosh but the Wifi isn't working and it need a usb thumb stick to boot can you help me getting rid of these two problem please Thanking you Yuvraj Harod
  3. here is that installer log sry it may include a bit more lines as I plugged other pd later please go through it hope to here from you @Niresh Thank you!
  4. @Niresh are you in admin??
  5. Yuvraj Harod

    niresh mojave ryzen

    As of I know Naresh's Mojave may end up giving a error still you can try once!
  6. Oh sry I got it here is that complete folder
  7. Sry I'm new to hackintosh may I know from where can I access it??
  8. Hey there, Hope everything is fine with you admin I was installing Mojave and m constantly facing one single error please help me out with this An error occurred while running scripts from the package "OSInstall.prescript.pkg" quite installer to restart your computer IDK why is this happening My Notebook's Specs: i3 3110M 2.40ghz 4GB Ram ddr3 GTX 720M 1TB hdd PS; I've already converted HDD into GUID Partition I'm waiting for a reply dear hope to hear from you soon!