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  1. Hello Niresh, 1. My laptop is a MSI Cx61 2. I dont know how to do that Greetings, Benno1
  2. Hello 😀, I am a new in the world of hackintosh and I have a problem and I hope one of you can help me when I start the installation of mac os Mojave 14.1, at the start all works fine in the debug screens but then there is a line that says https://drive.google.com/open?id=1phXB4JdPdtkM-5Ztow1OqWfDTEehqdlv SuperIODevice: [Fatal] found unsupported Chip! ITE sequence ID=0xffff, Winbond sequence ID=0xffff after that my laptop does nothing. My Laptop has these specs: I5-4210m 2.6 Ghz Nvidia Geforce 820m a 500gb Crucial SSD and 16Gb ddr3 RAM and here is my clover folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16eYIzLhXe-piTWKme5yU07VXGwiukb6N I’m looking forward to hear from you guys Thanks
  3. Hello i wanted to download mac OS Mojave with torrent and it wont download the file. Can one of you help me? Loiking forward benno1
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