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  1. So, I've tried multiple attempts,(on a spare HDD), to get dual boot with Windows 10 and Mojave...... NO GO! I'm wondering why wouldn't Bootcamp work? I keep seeing that Bootcamp is a Mac thing, but, isn't MacOs also? Thats odd.... wondering if anyone has tried it and been successful, because, dual booting Mojave and Windows with every tutorial I've tried has not worked. Just left me with "legacy HD3 and "Boot from Windows system" and when selected, it leaves a windows icon on the screen for a second or 2 and reboots. Any issues with a High Sierra install using MBR patch?
  2. is there a fix? a guy did my computer but it kept freezing, sleep worked when I closed the lid and the sleep option did too, so I erased it and started my own Hackintosh from scratch. I really need this fixed cause when I'm downloading stuff and it passes the timer or I'm away from my computer it reboots. I don't want to put it to NEVER SLEEP. My Hackintosh is flawless, everything is working except this.
  3. Toshiba satellite S75-A7221 It also reboots when I put to sleep
  4. I have everything up and running but am faced with this issue now, when I close my lid my computer reboots instead of sleeps. Ive searched on and on in google and can't find a fix for Mojave.
  5. anytime you update a kext make sure you put the new kext in EFI/CLOVER/KEXT/OTHER and also in /Library/Extensions if you see it in there replace it with new kext. I went through that problem so much times I always double check everything now when updating kext.
  6. Mac Mojave from Niresh, Insatll is simple depending on the wifi card you have. For the most part, install is a breeze. Niresh's Mojave .dmg pretty much installs all you need to get started. All you have to do is install the latest Clover boot loader and the kext you need to be up and running. Read read read and have some time to experiment with things. I've been trying the installs for 8 years and I finally know how to do kexts and stuff. I have an immaculate Mac Mojave on my PC.
  7. is there an easier way to understand the patching because I keep getting infinite boots and I have to redo my whole system. Ive tried compiling from git and get stuck at make. iasl errors. I have Maciasl but don't know what to do with it. I have everything running perfect and smooth and I would hate to make it crash again.
  8. i tried that method and rebooted and when loading it reboots, bootloops. i have a brightness control from the app store and it works with F2 and F3. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. So, i finally got my Mojave 10.14.3 up and running perfectly. Did a full install by myself and im amazed at actually how easy it was. Only problem im having is with the Display brightness slider. Im not using Applebacklight kext i am using Whatevergreen.kext. My specs are as follows: Toshiba Satellite S75-A7221 i7-4700MQ 2.30ghz intel HD 4600 like i said,everything is running perfectly except for the display brightness bar in System Preferences, there is none? How can i get the brightness slider? Im currently using brightness slider app from the App Store but it dims contrast. Oh and thank you Niresh for providing the OS
  10. you could try these https://mega.nz/#F!tVd03aIY!fOd_BGexlmd-7_ygcEvR7g they work for me on my ELAN touchpad. Let nme know if they work for you
  11. try applebacklightfixup.kext it might help. after installing try going into preferences/display it should have the slider. Im having issues with key function for dimmer
  12. I finally got a working Hackintosh Mojave on my PC. Of course i paid someone to do it,but, after messing with Clover,Kexts,etc. i am pretty sure i understand how this thing works now. I now know what i was doing wrong and how to get things installed properly now. Sorry Niresh and thank you. I have only one issue i've been dealing with which is nothing major. So, my PC is a Toshiba Satellite S75-A7221 and i cant control the dimmer with FN+F2/F3. I removed the applebacklightfix.kext and installed the whatevergreen.kext with the lilu.kext updated and still no functionality. Can someone help me with a fix?
  13. Epic fail over and over. Post installation is just not working for me at all! I’m 100% over it and am over Mac. I’ll just go buy a damn macbook is simpler than wasting away at this! These forums have absolutely slim to none support and just a waste of time. ITS EASIER TO BUY A DAMN MACBOOK ALL THESE YEARS IVE WASTED TRYING TO GET ONE THING WORKING AND CONE UP WITH NOTHING! Good luck to those who attempt. It sucks. Easier to just get a functional MacBook without the headaches of bogus installation crap.
  14. Attempting another install this time with Clover EFI select during customize of the install. Silly me wasn’t using Clover EFI installer thinking it would magically install itself. Now I’m going to attempt a post installation. Hopefully this works. Now I need the REaltek8188EE driver for WiFi? Tried one and it didn’t work. Is there a fix for it or do I need a BCM?
  15. It only boots in CSM. In UEFI it just stays on a black screen at boot and does nothing unless the USB is in. So for boot, I tried the Clover UEFI and I’ve tried Chameleon EFI and they both don’t boot on UEFI, nothing works. Only CSM. Which option do I do and what post installation do I use because Enoch doesn’t seem to do anything from what I’ve noticed
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