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  1. try to search iPC version, i think it should be work this is old 10.5 leopard
  2. Hi all need some advices please last time i used hackintosh was 10 years ago... a want to try again. my motherboard is P8B75-M LX card intel integrated hdd what is the best os x version i can get on this hardware? also, can someone point me to some tutorials... last time i used it i was install iPC version.... do i need some version now or I can install from offical release? thank you also, I plan to dual-boot it with windows and linux... is this problem becaouse that board is UEFI? i had dual boot before, and i remeber i was install first os x with iPC and make empty space, than i was with woindows create partition from that space, install windows and linux and in the end, i was just reinstall boot loader with iPC to be able boot in OS X and from there i was install chameleon which gives me all 3 boot entries... that was 10 years ago.... What you suggest me today? tnx
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