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  1. Hello everyone, I have an HD display problem with High Sierra. My config: CM: Maximus vii Hero CPU: i7 4790K Cooling: Watercooling EK CPU GPU x2: R9 270X Dual X 4GB Crossfire: Yes Ram: 2x4 GB 2333Mhz Power supply: Lepa 650w DD Hackintosh: SSHD 1TB DD Windows : SSD M.2 Installation was impossible with GPU enabled. So I unplug both and start the installation by intel HD that was successful. The problem is that intel HD is not HD my screen to some bug then the image is magnified. The second problem is that I can not boot with my GPUs (R9 270X Dual X 4GB ... x2) I tried several Kext. Can you help me ? Thank you...
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