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  1. I have succesfully been able to boot by disabling in the BIOS Internal Graphics Card (Intel HD4600) and the key are now booting with the GTX 1070. One step done.
  2. Hi, I have this system and try to install the Hackintosh Zone High Sierra and having issue. Here are my PC specs : Gigabyte Z87MX-D3H with Intel i7 4770K 3.5GHZ; Internal Intel HD 4600 Nvidia GTX 1070 PCI1 8GB 16GB DDR3 Skill I've try the Vanilla Hackintosh Zone with HD 4600 and the first boot in High Sierra get stuck with theses 2 errors: - (com.apple.WindowServer) (notice): Service only ran for 0 sedonds.... - Host-level exception raised: pld = 557 thread = 0xc2af, ... What i've tried : I try to clover with safe mode; Disabled disable_nv=1; Inject GTX1070; For now, not been able to resolve that issue. My bios was set on the proper specs (i was running El Capitan Hackintosh previously). Changed graphics card for a new GTX1070 and not compatible with EL CAPITAN. So i try to install High Sierra. Note that i don't have any Mac or Hackintosh working machine. Any help is appreciated. Thanks 8
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