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  1. What's "bitting"? How would I boot with those commands? Sorry I'm kinda a newbie so I'm trying to learn these terms still.
  2. Also I'm using another Usb with Niresh. I tried niresh by itself and it wouldnt boot; thats why i'm using chameleon.
  3. My bootdisk utility is up to date and i did install it through windows. i tried clover as well and it would should show the mac logo. As sonn as it showed it, then it would turn into a circle with a dash through the middle.
  4. I installed niresh maverick on one USB and Chameleon on a nother one via BDutility. I'm wondering why i'm getting this. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. It's a black screen with an underscore on the top left hand side.
  6. Hey guys so I put a .dmg file on a usb stick using the usb image program. I tried booting it up but I get stuck on this. Any ideas on what might be causing this. I'm on a samsung 7 series chronos. Model NP700Z5C.
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