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  1. I have the same problem, do you found the solution?
  2. Yes, I installed yosemite without any problems. I tryed to install macOS High Sierra too but the trackpad works the same.
  3. Yes I tryed but I want to use the trackpad too.
  4. Hello hackintosh community, I have been installing yosemite hackintosh on a laptop and everything is fine but when I try to move the mouse pointer with the mause pad, the pointer goes crazy and goes through the whole screen and I have come to think that it would be the kext of the ps2 controller what fails but the keyboard works correctly. Somebody could help me?
  5. Hello my name is Rubén and I'm trying to install macOS Sierra in my laptop by hackintosh. But when I was booting with my usb, appear a line as if you were typing and It not pass there. Someone can help me?
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