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  1. I just download hackintosh successfully from 3 day it work probably after 3 days windows ask fir a repaire a done it by writing a command in cmd then restart after that screen stuck at blinking underscore Ram 4gb Nvidia quadro 880m 320 or 250 hdd cann't remember Core i5 520m
  2. I installed mevrics with windows 7 and it worked bery nice after 3 days windows ask for repaire i Googled it anf after the repaire i restarted my laptop the it stuck on a black screen with a flash "_" what to do i want at least to acces the mevrics Ram 4gb Nvidia quadro 880m 250 or 320 don't remeber hdd Core i5 520m I submited this topic after 6 hours of search please help

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