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  1. Thank you for your response. I used GTX750ti and it works I only have to install the web drivers. :)
  2. I installed Yosemite with the use of iGPU but when I installed the eGPU as mentioned on the title the loading screen stuck on caution. I also tried the bootflags such us nv_disable=1 and nvda_drv=1 also I tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No but still no luck. What might be the possible problem? Image link
  3. Can anyone specify the best or minimum NVidia GPU for Yosemite OS? Can someone list it? including the best GPU that can be supported with the nvidia web drivers. Does GT730 is supported? I only have DDR3 slot for my motherboard.
  4. losewin

    Ethernet not working

    Thank you for your immediate response :)
  5. losewin

    Can't install Windows 7 on Yosemite

    Thanks for the reply :) I guess I have to put my Windows on separate HDD.
  6. losewin

    Can't install Windows 7 on Yosemite

    Or how could I change the specific partition because as what I see the partition is still on GPT. Or can I install Yosemite on MBR partition?
  7. I'm trying to add a Windows 7 Operating System as my second OS. I first installed the Yosemite then setup a partition for Windows 7 setted it as MS-DOS (FAT), But when I booted to my Windows 7 installer and format the partition as NTFS the installation could not proceed because the partition is still on the GPT. Why is it still on GPT when I already formatted it to NTFS? Does someone knows why is this happening. Or how could I change the specific partition because as what I see the partition is still on GPT.
  8. losewin

    Ethernet not working

    Thanks for your reply But I finally solve the problem. I guess its about the time its boot. I just copied the IONetworkingFamily.kext RealtekRTL81xx.kext RealtekRTL8111.kext to /EFI/CLOVER/ktext/Other and 10.10 from /System/Library/Extension. But I guess only IONetworkingFamily.kext will work and then I also set the ktext-dev-mode=1 on the boot option. I also tried the command you suggested but the result is "cannot find any working access method"
  9. losewin

    Ethernet not working

    I successfully installed the said Distro Yosemite, It is fine when I booted using my USB to boot the installed OS, But when I use boot loader which is Clover that I use, The Ethernet is not working. Also I tried solutions like putting LAN Ktext on /System/Library/Extensions but still no luck, also I already tried putting my Ethernet Ktext on /EFI/CLOVER/Ktext/Other and the 10.10 folder but still it is not loader. Why this is happening? Why is it that using my USB to boot to the OS the Ethernet is being detected? Please help.