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  1. I did that and I've gotten it all running but not with Nvidia web, once on, it won't load. And nv disable doesn't work on high sierra
  2. My one thing is I can get it up and running like 2/10 times. Then I try and install packages for my 750ti and it doesn't work right. So now I need to find a better gfx. Sapphire gtx 580 or whatever?
  3. Hardware Information CPU Intel Core i7 6800K @ 3.40GHz Broadwell-E/EP 14nm Technology RAM 32.0GB G.Skill Trident Z @ 1599MHz (15-15-15-35) Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. X99-Ultra Gaming-CF (SOCKET 0) Graphics 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (MSI) I have tried High Sierra and Sierra with no good luck. I had it installed once before but the issue was I couldn't boot into it, of course, lol. Now I can't seem to get the installer to boot, but can get to the bootloader to enter flags. I've tried npci=0x2000 nv_disable=1 -v -f -x which ends up just crashing the thing and it says it's exiting. I'm really trying to get this to work, I'm sick of Windows always having updates and dumb issues. My timezone won't even work right lol What? Please let me know what other info you need so I can get this loaded! PS: Tonymac banned me for discussing "illegal distributions" or using one or some crap like that... was a member for like 5 years. Really crappy of them. Not sure what they're even talking about. No warnings or anything. I think because I mentioned another site they got pissed lol
  4. So, I ended up doing this and received "Error Undefined" It still would not install
  5. Specs Motherboard: Gigabyteigabyte Ultra Gaming X99 CPU: i7-6800K GFX: MSI 1060 6GB GTX Gaming HDD: 1TB Western Digital (my SSD has windows and is a SanDisk 3D Ultra) Have Tried Set bios options .. did it in many ways, used this tutorial on YouTube .https://youtu.be/8hxsoKpIow4 - I am running f6 bios version Set boot flags npci=0x2000 and nv_disable=1 and dart=0 and other defaults set by high Sierra zone installer under UEFI configs Wiped the HDD, unplugged all USB, Used disk utility to Install Issue: it just says that Mac OS could not be installed. I have not been able to get pass this. Gigabyte X99 ultra gaming hackintoshhigh Sierra issues https://imgur.com/gallery/19HfjuJ
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