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  1. ScathDeSolas

    Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming

    So, I ended up doing this and received "Error Undefined" It still would not install
  2. ScathDeSolas

    Gigabyte X99 Ultra Gaming

    Specs Motherboard: Gigabyteigabyte Ultra Gaming X99 CPU: i7-6800K GFX: MSI 1060 6GB GTX Gaming HDD: 1TB Western Digital (my SSD has windows and is a SanDisk 3D Ultra) Have Tried Set bios options .. did it in many ways, used this tutorial on YouTube . - I am running f6 bios version Set boot flags npci=0x2000 and nv_disable=1 and dart=0 and other defaults set by high Sierra zone installer under UEFI configs Wiped the HDD, unplugged all USB, Used disk utility to Install Issue: it just says that Mac OS could not be installed. I have not been able to get pass this. Gigabyte X99 ultra gaming hackintoshhigh Sierra issues