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  1. AmazingHotdog36

    I can't boot to Windows after installing Hackintosh Sierra

    Thank you for your reply, but suddenly the usb that i used to open Hackintosh Sierra with apparently stopped working, it displays a blinking line in the top left corner for a split second and i get a pure black screen, but thank you for responding anyways, ill just format my disk and install another os from a cd and install Windows, anyways, thank you for trying to fix my issue!
  2. Hi, so i installed Sierra yesterday and i apperantly installed two bootloaders by accident, chameleon and clover, (i used efi mounter and i unmounted the efi thing) and when i rebooted, i was stuck with a line in the top left corner, i got to bios and i didnt see anything in the efi, not even the windows bootloader itself, so i booted to my usb and i tried booting to windows, then it shows this error, BI InitializeLibrary failed 0xc00000bb I do know how to fix it, but i will need to format my HDD, so im just asking if there's any sulotion on how to fix this without formating my hard drive? The Hackintosh is working fine, just without wifi, i do use a laptop so that may be the problem, here is my laptop specs if needed: Intel Core i3-6006U Intel HD Graphics 520 (Integrated) AMD Radeon r5 m430 (Dedicated) 4 GB DDR3 ram 2 3.0 usb ports And yeah thats it, I don't know my laptop specifications that much, my laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 110 15isk, Thank's for spending your tine reading my question, Goodbye!