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  1. @niresh MacOS only boots in safe mode how can i install clover in safe mode?
  2. The thing is it is in GUID, and I tried that and couldn't Install clover manually since I can only get it to boot in safe mode.
  3. @Nireshhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZgU6R-6aA6uivbH-fkekUSTCDl2L3pqb/view?usp=sharing the installer log.
  4. @Niresh the bootloader size in the installation says its zero KB is that normal?
  5. @Niresh My HDD is in GUID and still the same error.
  6. I tried installing macOS mojave on my pc which has worked before and i cant get to installation screen the machine just hangs i tried using the "-x" flag that got me into the installer and i was able to install macOS but got an "error an error occurred while running scripts from the package "clover uefi.pkg" . any help? cpu: I5-6400 motherboard : asrock h100m-hds ram : 8gb ddr4 gpu: rx480 8gb hdd: toshiba 1tb
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