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  1. My system is: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R running BIOS 2.0-FH Gigabyte GTX580 12Gb RAM 300Gb HDD And the usual assortment of peripherals I have download the Niresh Mavericks DMG and burnt it to a USB drive. Previously I have successfully installed and been running Mountain Lion, I decided to install Mavericks. The installation was on the same HDD as the earlier OS but in a different partition. The installation went smooth (I used the default custom settings) and I booted to the desktop ~30 minutes later. The first issue I expierenced was locking up during my user account creation, and almost always when I typed my password. After a few reboots I was able to successfully enter my details and proceeded to the desktop. After the installer completed its bits and bobs and I had rebooted all was nice and smooth. That is until I decided to perform a fresh install of Mavericks on its own HDD. I went through the EXACT same process, the installation was successful (as it had been before) but it would not boot to the desktop. Initially it appeared to be booting properly but ~10 seconds into the process the screen would go black and eventually go to sleep mode. I repeated the installation process again, same result. This time I chose a different HDD (the originally HDD I had successfully installed Mavericks on) and the same issue, black screen ~10 seconds in and it would not go any further. Keep in mind my first attempt using exactly the same settings and hardware had been successful but all subsequent attempts have failed to boot to the desktop. Absolutely nothing has changed since the first installation and all subsequent installations. I have since done the following and still it is unable to boot without encountering the black screen: Reset BIOS Setup BIOS appropriately Remove ALL unnecessary hardware I have tried with the following boot parameters: npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=No dart=0 PCIRootUID=0 and 1 During my first successful installation I had made a Time Machine backup. But even restoring from this backup I am presented with the same black screen. My frustration levels are at an all-time high and 2 mice have died in the process. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Interesting, I have just successfully booted into Mavericks, all be it by mistake. I was going to perform a Mountain Lion install as my frustration levels would Not allow any more mice to survive yet another install attempt. The loader I am using (can't recall who its by) booted into clover, instead of loading the DVD to perform the ML install I accidentally pressed enter and booted into the Mavericks install. To my surprise successfully booting to the desktop without fault.
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