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  1. My Nvidia Quadro M2000 worked with Hackintosh
  2. Hello, I am completely new to Hackintosh. I installed Mac OS High Sierra on my laptop. But my laptop won't detect the hard drive when I try to boot it up again. Only if I insert the USB Stick (from where I installed Mac OS) Mac OS will boot. So the Bootloader (Clover) is only installed on the USB Stick. I tried installing Clover on my Hardrive without success. I tried using the Clover installer and creating a new partition to install it to. I tried everything. Also, these things aren't working: 1. Screen Resolution / Nvidia Driver --> I can't even see everything in Clover Configuration. A lot of things are just cut off. I tried installing the Web Nvidia Driver. I also have now this small Nvidia Logo in the right upper corner 2. Audio 3. Sound 4. Wifi (I heard that it mostly won't work on laptops) My Specs: Asus R500VD (Laptop model) 6 GB of Rams Intel Core i5-3210m Nvidia GTX-610m 2gb I hope you can help me out, guys. Thank you very much, Joshua
  3. Hi, first I am a newbie! I have installed MacOS High Sierra on my Laptop. But after having some problems with the drivers I tried to install them with Hackintosh Vietnam Tool, but after an restart it didn't boot anymore. I think somethink is wrong with the USB Driver. In Hackintosh Vietnam Tool I checked (as far as I rembered...) - USB 3.0 Support - Wireless support -Trackpad and mouse I hope you can help me out, Thanks Joshua
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