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  1. @Niresh First of all, thank you for replying. I did what he said, but again I encounter a white screen that is strange in the safe mode my card as 2048 mb amd radeon 8xxx I know, but normally I can not start the disk what can be the reason?
  2. CPU: AMD FX 6300 MotherBoard: GA-970A-UD3 (REV 3.0) Graphics: AMD RADEON HD 7790 After completing the installation, I use the following boot args when I want to boot the disk I installed. UseKernelCache-Yes PCIRootUID = 1 npci = 0x2000 dart = 0 -legacy GraphicsEnabler = Yes or No but unfortunately the result has not changed. The system can boot in Safe Mode (-x) without any problem and I see that my display card is well-known. MR. @Niresh Please Don't Keep Your Help
  3. @Niresh I'm sorry to bother you, but can you help me
  4. Greetings are primarily new in the forum. After successfully completing the Maverick installation, I saw my video card as 3 MB. I have explained my system information below and I want your support. MotherBoard: Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 (REV 3.0) Graphics: AMD RADEON HD 7790 CPU: AMD FX 6300 I have different versions of mac that are suitable for my system, but I can't even build them
  5. Cpu: Amd fx6300 Gpu: Amd hd 7790 motherboard: Ga-970a-ud3 cannot open the system normally can open in safe mode with -x command can not open kernel panic error after opening a safe mode please see the pictures in the links https://resmim.net/f/nFjHdt.jpg
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