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  1. I forgot to update, but my method worked and I think your method would have worked too if I followed your instructions exactly, but it didn’t because I was used to the Linux system I wanted to “cd” directly into the LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons directories and delete the files by just typing “sudo rm <filename>”.Because The system wouldn’t allow me to “cd” directly into those Directories I thought I wouldn’t be able to see or delete any of the files contain therein. Interestingly enough when I put in my Niresh Mavericks install dvd, and used the terminal from the install process, I was able to “cd” Directly into those directories by backing up all the way to root, and then “cd” into “/Volumes/<nameofDisk>/System/... etc etc...” and i was able to list all the files contained therein and also “sudo rm Niresh12495.etc..etc..”, I.e. delete all the files that needed to be deleted. When I rebooted back into my Niresh High Sierra Hard disk, I decided to try to look at the directories to see if the files had been deleted. For whatever reason I just did “sudo ls /System/Library/LaunchAgents” and it worked and then I realized that Although I couldn’t get directly into the directory I could still list and remove files by typing sudo and then the full path to the directory. So, new lesson learned!
  2. Yeah. Im surprised it didn’t!
  3. Yeah, these directories and files have custom permissions that I can’t change even with sudo, and when I just try to su in terminal and type in my password it just says “sorry “! I’m going to try to access these files from a Linux live distro or a niresh Mavericks dvd that I have that establishes you as root by default, and see if I can delete them that way. I will post results here.
  4. Had this problem with Mavericks. Try chameleon instead
  5. It seems to be locked down as far as permissions go. I tried with sudo and su, and the system doesn't even let me do su. Sudo works, but when i try it with those files its gives me trouble, asking if it want to override rw--r--r etc etc., and then i tried it and i still don't think the system let me. so i did a sudo yes | rm -rf /System/Library/LaunchDaemons, and it might have worked, but I'm not sure. Any advice? Do I need to SSH in from a linux system or something? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! Good work man! Speaking of Mojave... is there a way to upgrade to Mojave from within high Sierra or do I make another bootable stick?
  7. I have a similar problem— after I install high Sierra, i keep getting tabs for donating to this website automatically opening on my browser every 10 minutes, and it even takes over executive control from me and redirects me to the browser from whatever app I’m actually using! Now I find that annoying, but I figured it’s just a way to nudge me into donating a few bucks, and since I got everything working fairy well I thought certainly it’s ok I think you guys deserve a donation for the good work you do. So I donated $5 and thought that would remove or turn off the ad-Ware, but I left the computer on overnight and woke up with 209 tabs open on my browser! I mean I very much appreciate this project as a shortcut to making my own but I’m a Linux guy and I’m certainly not used to *ever* having my workflow interrupted by pop-up or pop-in ads asking me for donations , let alone once every 5- 10 minutes! I mean I like this project and want to keep supporting it, but if I can’t remove that feature, realistically I can’t use the operating system other than as a curiosity on a small partition in some kinda dual boot situation , and thus couldn’t in good conscience continue to support this project. Am I missing something? Is there some easy way to solve this that I didn’t notice? It seems no one else has this problem! Anyway, thanks for your concern.
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