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  1. I have Macdrive and Transmac so yes I can mount the drive Thanks again for your fast response
  2. Still the same BTW I can boot to the installation only can't boot the installed system !!( amdfx kernel is only at the installation USB so no-need of entering the amdfx kernel flagflag)
  3. I tried using those boot args and I got stuck at "kdp_poll:No debugger service" here's a pic when i don't use those boot args, just with -v i got this I also tried removing the 1GB ram's using only the 2 x 4GB ram's (both kingston) but still the same
  4. my partitions are like this: -1.27TB [before ntfs named LIBS the installer renamed it EFI and (propably) installed chameleon in it hfs+ ---- installer deleted all my data on this partition but I didn't have anything special -101GB names OSX where my hackindosh will be hfs+ journaled -244GB where Windows 8.1 is installed ntfs -0.98TB named DATA ntfs thanks for the fast response!
  5. Hi, I have been struggling with hackintosh for a long time and once I found out about Niresh's distros I started to have hope again. I have tried in the past Niresh's OSX 10.8.5 but every time I finished the installation and got to the first boot i got a still waiting for root device error I have tried everything to get past of this but I can't [NOTE: I used this guide too https://www.hackintoshzone.com/page/apple/articles/fix-osx-hackintosh-still-waiting-for-root-device] I managed to install Niresh's osx 10.9.0 but now that I boot using the usb (yes the instillation was in a usb) I got a kernel panic!! I tried some combinations of those boot flags: npci=0x2000 npci=0x3000 UsbBusFix=Yes cpus=1 [to get to the instillation I always use amdfx kernel] but nothing worked I am desperate!! I can't get a pic of the kernel panic but as soon as I take one I will upload it. I use chameleon boot-loader because clover doesn't load the mouse&keyboard HERE'S MY SPECS: HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST 3000 DM 3TB ( GUID partition table OS: Windows 8.1 and this is where I want osx to go too) CPU: AMD FX 6300 Six-Core 3.5Ghz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 RAM: 10GB (diffrent capacities 1GB-1GB-4GB-4GB 669,7 MHz) MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte 970A-DS3 (Rev. 1.0 I think) (for more detailed info here is my speccy url http://speccy.piriform.com/results/HQjhtOMzRyYb6nuZOvSt8vk ) Sorry for my English
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