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  1. Still no luck with my audio. The best I can do is with voodoo but the lip sync go out after a few seconds. could a new sound card work for me?
  2. I do have a CREATIVE usb sound card if that helps. but I don't think its supported
  3. Did you just copy the Boot folder and Clover folder from the EFI folder on usb into the EFI folder on the HDD partition..?
  4. The Vendor ID of my sound is 10EC and my Device ID is 0892 - Realtek High Definition Audio
  5. My Vendor ID is 10de and my Device ID is 1187 Description = GK104 [GeForce GTX 760]
  6. tried installing Apple ALC in clover and still no luck. I might need to look into a 3rd party audio card, Any recommendations..??
  7. I've tried AppleALC and my audio doesn't show in settings and no audio is working. I used voodooHDA and got sound but on youtube the audio is out of sync and when playing a video file the audio goes on and off.
  8. it will be helpful if you post your system specs
  9. That's what I did, just done it again and still 2 large white vertical lines on the screen using those boot flags to boot after the -v screen
  10. reinstalled and with those boot flags I get to a screen with two large white vertical lines and then nothing else happens. Any ideas??
  11. Samsung RV511 (laptop) Intel Core i3-380M (2.53GHz) 3GB RAM 120GB SSD Intel HD Graphics. (Intel GMA X4500)
  12. On my laptop ive installed Yosemite but after install it wont boot. I just get a still waiting for root device message. Any Help..??
  13. i was having trouble installing High Sierra so tried Yosemite, i got it installed but after install it won't boot. it just says still waiting for root device. any ideas..? Samsung RV511 (laptop) Intel Core i3-380M (2.53GHz) 3GB RAM 120GB SSD Intel HD Graphics. (Intel GMA X4500)
  14. Thanks for that. got it installed
  15. So at first I installed the Nvidia web drivers and after a restart High Sierra wouldn't boot, I just got a black screen with white text. and for some reason the installer wouldn't boot, again black screen and white text which repeated but then a error sign popped up as well, the error was solved by putting the Lilu.kext and the WhateverGreen.kext into the System/Library/Extensions folder on the USB using Transmac on PC. I tried injecting the Nvidia drivers with CLOVER but that didn't work because I didn't untick backup graphics kexts on install so I had to load Terminal and put the command sudo grafix replace all after that I mounted my EFI partition and opened the EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/config.plist with Clover and ticked Inject Nvidia in the Graphics section and saved. All done....... I didn't need the Web Drivers because my graphics card is supported natively by High Sierra EVGA NVIDIA Geforce GTX 760
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