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  1. i have an entry in my bios boot order called mac os x, would clearing my cmos do any good?
  2. ive downloaded 1.2.7 release of whatevergreen and put it in Library/Extensions on my USB stick but still have the same problem......
  3. the whatevergreen folder doesn't say .kext on the end. does that matter?
  4. I put both, Lilu.kext Lilu.kext.dSYM folders into Library/Extensions and still get the black screen with text repeating..
  5. Hi Niresh. My ,Graphics Card is a Geforce GTX 760. Im just about to read the guide now. Thanks..
  6. still having the problem. ive tied re-flashing the usb stick and formatting the ssd. I can get as far as entering the same boot flags as before when all was working then after pressing install I just get the repeating white text then an error sign. I don't understand whats wrong as im doing the same thing as when ive installed a few times before. please I need some advice... Thanks...
  7. after installing the NVidia web drivers my install wont boot, I get white text then a black screen. tried to reinstall but just get repeated white text and en error sign. any ideas people. sorry, new to hackintosh....
  8. Hi guys, so im new to Hackintosh and ive managed to install High Sierra but im asked to fix appstore on this mac, should I? if so im not sure of the process. I haven't installed Ethernet kexts yet so no internet yet. Thanks for any help guys...
  9. that's what im thinking, im running High Sierra now..
  10. So im trying to install Sierra but at the last minute the install fails and says try again, any ideas.?. Thanks in advance..... AMD FX 8350 ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0 8GB DDR3 NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 760 240GB SSD
  11. im guessing the CPU isn't supported now.. ?
  12. Hi guys im having trouble installing Mojave, in verbos I cant get the install past END RANDOM SEED ++++++++++++++++++++++ from the USB installer. I've tried a few boot flags and still no joy. im running on a AMD cpu. Does anybody have any ideas please???? AMD FX8350 ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0 8GB DDR3 NVIDIA GFORCE GTX 760 240GB SSD
  13. Like the title says. i love the site but will donating remove or extend the 5 item download limit? Thanks in advance....
  14. ive not been having any luck with installing Sierra with a fresh install so i decided to install mavericks and then Sierra on top of that. now im gerring an error saying cant find the mach_kernel Could i have some help please. Thanks in advance Edit: well i just put in the path /System/Library/Kernels/Kernel and got alot of script but at the end my system just reboots and end up back at the problem. Any ideas.?
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