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  1. @Niresh Thanks when i switched the usb flash drive it worked and installed mac os high sierra(solved) but after installer finished i got an error ** OsxAptioFixDrv: Starting overrides for System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi ** I tried to install it again and after that can not open the installer again every time i select usb to boot this error appears Waiting for your help
  2. Thanks for you @Niresh i will try and tell you
  3. Thanks niresh can is the DMG file here is latest version of sierra cause Xcode 9 require the latest update of sierra ?
  4. No its right , but i forgot to say the all error " an error occured installing os x . to use appe diagnostics to check your mac hardware shut down, pressing the power button , and immediately holding 'D' key unitil begins " and i pressed D and nothing happened and i'm using Yosemite right now and working perfect but Xcode 9/10 cannot run on yosemite btw and my hardware is :
  5. Thank you for replying but i can not find setting option in bootloader there is only two option -v for bootflag and ? for commands and there is no command for changing mac os version i hope u explian me
  6. When try to install High Sierra zone i message apper " MacOS couldnot be installed on your computer " i have installed yosmite with the same bios setting without change can any one help to install high sierra to install xcode 9 waiting for your reply thanks
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