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  1. The problem has come back. thinking of going for AMD card with mojave. is AMD that good? runs out of the box?
  2. Many thanks to "niresh". now it's running fine. sometimes magic happen, same things do not work and then they start working . thanks
  3. No sir. just reinstalled sierra from hackintoshzone sierra. good so far. will be testing for another day. Thanks
  4. Oh! the master niresh himself. Thanks for responding. I had done it earlier but it did not work that time. But at this time with confidence because of your response, i did it again. It works not 100% but yes, works. sometimes i have to boot with nv_disable=1 and then re install nvidia driver again(though on my 660 web drivers are not enabled but default osx drivers are), but still re installing does things right. Now the frequency has reduced to 1 out of 10 restarts. which was earlier 8 out of 10. maybe bcoz i have touched some other system files too. so now re installing sierra again fresh. hope now it works 100%. Thanks for your kind response. god bless you.
  5. I have GIGABYTE Z87X-UD3H i7 4770K ZOTAC 660 previously was running yosemite all well. Just installed Sierra and updated it to 10.12.6. It all worked well. With all software installed, worked perfectly. but after 5 runs it started giving problems. after passing through clover boot and all text stuff it goes blank. tried re booting several times but same things. tried with nv_disable=1 and it boots( obviously with artifacts and without graphics acceleration). this is frustrating as no hardware/software change since it went from successful booting to nvidia failure. reinstalled sierra at least 7 times same problem. problem occurs randomly after 5-10 successful boots. tried almost all boot flags but no success. how same configuration switches from good boot to blank screen, can't figure out. Tried same on another system with i5 h67 and gt620 . same problem Thanks if anyone have solution to this.
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