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  1. I have a intel dual band wifi ac / bluetooth card in my laptop and im trying to find a kext. i got advice from insanely mac that this card is supported.
  2. It boots to safe mode. But the others don't have an effect. Is there anyway to fix this so I don't have to boot into safe mode
  3. After I Installed the 10.9.3 update from 10.9.2 it just does this. http://youtu.be/ZXoE9rLizTk my specs are in the attachment
  4. I have recently installed Mavericks 10.9 on my laptop and I am having trouble finding drivers. It already runs Good, its just the graphics are buggy and my speakers don't work (only headphones). I am looking for: Intel HD Vesa Sandybridge ( I think its 2000) RealTek RTL8188CE WLAN 802.11n Conexant Smart HD Audio. Some help work be much appreciated, but there is no rush Because it can do what i need it to do right now. I want to take it mobile so thats my biggest priority. If you need more info don't be afraid to ask.
  5. I am want to start my hackintosh project and i wanna get it running with this hardware. Can some on help?
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