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  1. If you're using an AMD Cpu you can just delete those kexts instead of using a patch'd version
  2. Sorry to hear.. the result probably changes depending on what AMD Cpu is being used. In my case im using the Phenom2 X4 BE 955 .Here is a video as proof that its working.. maybe you made a typo in terminal.app ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB6L3vwTXCk
  3. Hey everybody.This is a quick way to fix stuttering Audio will start to stutter - thats why you have clear sound when you move your mouse around. Now for me, i try'd different kext's and solutions like activating SSE2 on Voodoo PrefPane and almost every other solution that is floating around on the Interwebs. So im using a Quadcore AMD Cpu , and my way to "fix" this bug is to put the CPU usage on 100%. But since you're using multiple Cpu's your performance won't go down. For example i can still run everything very fast and crisp, even games still run without any problems. Long story short > i noticed no difference in performance.But this might change on a different AMD CPU . So try it on your own risk. But let me assure (this won't brick your OSX Installation its just a terminal command). How to Disable: "no > /dev/null" without quotation marks into Terminal app. Enjoy and have a nice day! And much thanks to Niresh crew for providing great mackintosh distros.
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