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  1. Hey all, So I have Niresh 10.9 working on an ASUS board. Everything is good. I am using a bootloader on a USB stick. The bootloader is a simple prompt, I need to manually select the Hackintosh system drive and type GraphicsEnabler=No manually as I installed a GTX 770 and that is the only way to get it going. I wanted to use Chameleon or something similar to automate the boot. I have Chameleon installed on the EFI partition of the HDD that contains the OSX install bt it won't start up. The Niresh bootloader on the USB seems to do everything. I guess I am a bit confuded about the process. If I wanted to keep using the USB flash drive but have it configured to use the GraphicsEnabler=No bootflag and autolaunch from a specific os in a time limit. Is there a file I can edit on the flash drive to enable that? Thanks
  2. Hi there, thought I'd post here as I have the same card. I had the 10.9 Niresh Distro working just fine on my Asus Maximus IV GeneZ/Gen3 with a GTX 560ti, I swapped out the graphics card for a GTX 770 but now then wouldn't boot to the desktop. I get the spinning wheel with apple symbol then the next screen is just plain white. I changed GraphicsEnabler=NO like Tomi which fixed it. The only question I have is how can I make that permanent so I don't have to type that every time. I'm running my bootloader of off an external USB flash drive. So does that mean whatever boot flags I have are built in? Thanks N
  3. Ok, so I'm updating this thread really for my own edification. After reporting my success on Tonymacs and not realizing that mentioning distros is taboo I got my account permanently suspended, hilarious. Anyway, I reinstalled the whole OS using a USB stick of Niresh Mavericks and the whole thing pretty much worked out of the gate? Which is amazing. I have sound, ethernet, graphics card and sleep are all working. I Geekbenched it at around 11900 which is close to my Win 7 geekbench of 12500. My only hitch is the bootloader still isn't installed. I assume it's because it is installed to my OSX disk. So when I choose that disk as the boot disk it get this message that says "boot0: GPT boot0: GPT boot0: done". Then it just loads my old windows 7 install. I guess I need to install the bootloader to my windows MBR partition. I'm considering using Slytherin to do so. If anyone has explicit instructions on how to do that please let me know. I'm concerned about breaking my windows boot. I might just have to live off of USB flash drive for now. Thanks
  4. I installed this and my 10.8.5 will no longer boot without safe mode. I was having ethernet issues that's why I used it. How can I remove this kext and revert to the previous state?
  5. Success!! Maybe my previous posts were too noobtastic. Since no one has responded, I'll just post my steps here in case it helps anyone else. So, I finally managed to path the BIOS with the 3603 version from Bios Repo. I used RUFUS to burn a usb stick and renamed the file with Asus Bios renamer utility and installed it with Bupdater (both available on the support page of my mobo). I installed the Niresh 10.8.5 Distro to a second HD (my first HD is running Win 7). I installed Clover from the customize menu in the OSX installer but it doesn't show up. So I have to use a Clover bootloader on a USB stick to get OSX running. I first had to boot into safe mode using -x and let the Niresh installer finish all of its magic. Now it boots just fine from the USB stick. Everything seems to work, Audio, graohics card even sleep mode. The only thing is the network speed is really slow over ethernet. Going to try to reinstall a couple of kexts and see if that works. If anyone has any ideas about the ethernet let me know. Thanks
  6. An update for what it's worth. I used the Boot Disk utility and ran it with the default args (-v and debug 0x100). It got past the throttling mtu error but stopped at "9-error reporting banks". Here is the system info list from my machine. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2600075/Borscht.JPG Might do a full reinstall of Niresh Mavericks and see if that gets me any farther. Thanks
  7. So, first of all thank you to Niresh for all of his hard work. I ended up here after TonyMacs forum users made me feel terrible. My build: Asus Maximus IV Gene Z Gen 3 mobo i7 2600k 32 GB patriot DDr3 ram EVGA GTX560ti Seagate 500 gb 7200 HD I burned the ML distro to a DVD and made it all the way through installation. I installed kexts etc during the os x installer (including bootlaoder etc). Previously using multibeast I couldn't even get to the OS X installer. After rebooting and removing the DVD the bootloader didn't kick in, even if I select the drive with OSX installed on it. I can only get os x to load with the DVD inserted. It was freezing on the white background with infinite spinning wheel (I let it sit for an hour). So I used -v to see what was up. It makes it through several screens and freezes at this screen (see attached). I'm not sure what kind of boot flag magic could get it past this I've used -f -x GraphicsEnabler etc. I did some research about my board, evidently some people flash the BIOS with a patch because of power management issues. Obviously I'm worried about having to do that and wondering if it's entirely necessary. Please see link for the screen I hit... Thanks in advance. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2600075/IMG_3213.jpg
  8. I'd love to know what you did. I'm running an Asus Maximus IV Gene Z and hit the wall. Thanks
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