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  1. I did get a version to install on the HP. Now the issue I have is that as I am trying to get through the Mac set up it keeps locking up and I also have to boot from the USB drive and select the hard drive. Suggestions?
  2. wangyan2, that is what I am trying to do. I did try to use EaseUS Disk Copy to copy the partition, but that did not work.
  3. I have an HP desktop that is running Niresh Mavericks. I have a second computer that is identical. I haven't been able to get the distro to install. Is there a way to copy the boot drive that works now and put that copied drive into the second machine. The second machine allows me to install the Niresh distro, but then won't boot from it at all. Can I use an Ultimate Boot CD to clone the drive? Also, I check both computers and they are both running the exact same bios and settings.
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