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  1. @Niresh thx! well, i try install, 2 times, first just click install without touch config option, so no audio ( without select ) - and intel hd with 7 MB ( and i get hd like 530 ) and second try install i select on option intel hdmi audio - and lilu ( i dont know i need this or....) still same, but audio i get option digital hdmi, but no sound, what i did wrong? also, in clover where hd 515, i get ig-platform-id 0x0000000 ! i try search in forum, not found how to fix this!.
  2. Hello! i am new here, i like to install Hackintosh, but can i install on intel stick M3 - Intel m3-6Y30 4GB Ram and intel HD 515? i know i cant install on emmc, but i have USB Hub with 3 usb ports, 1 for installer usb, other for install hackintosh on SSD kingston😁 thx!.
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