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  1. You should tell me where the panic had begin.(or link the photo of boot log using -v) Or using -x or -s can make you boot. If you backuped your config.plist(working, low resolution), you can use that for boot.
  2. Which kext did you use? USBinjectall.kext can make USB3.0 work. Or, in my case, I load appleUSBXHCI.kext to get my usb3.0 work. For the worst case, you have to patch DSDT for the full use of USB.
  3. Thanks for replying back! Sorry for no reply...I was quite busy these days... First, I figured out that my intel ac3165 doesn't work on OS X...So I changed it to DW1560 and it's working great! Second, since intel hd 515 is a negative graphic card(using in macbook) it didn't need kexts at all... I just added ig-platform-id and fake-id in config.plist, and adding appleskcframebuffer(?) patch in my kexts to patch section and it's working great!
  4. Hi. I recently installed sierra hackintosh zone(Niresh ver.) and it runned quite well. But when I try to load my DSDT, my laptop couldn't recognize my SSD... this is the error code which I got. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yv0vDO1S68bM9O5pzubq23BS7cCB4KOA When I boot to installer section(with DSDT), I can't see my SSD... https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fGMD9WwdSNPASvep3pNfx5BZvoA2dgzO Here's my DSDT (I fixed errors and warnings.) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v5WYEx2TFj4b-2l188818tjMvmIlRPg4/view?usp=sharing my laptop spec cpu : intel m5-6y54 graphics : intel hd 515 sound : alc662 internet : dw1560(BCM94352z) motherboard : can't get any imformation about it...I think it's from clevo(not sure about it) Any suggestions? Thanks for the help ps. sorry for bad english
  5. My laptop spec cpu : m5-6y54 graphics : intel hd 515 network card :intel ac3165 I installed high sierra Niresh ver. in my laptop and got some many problems first I can't add wifi in the settings->network...I'm only able to add Bluetooth Pan second I'm not able to get my graphics work. I installed the kext but didn't work is there anybody can help me? I'm working on this for weeks... https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=ross1573&logNo=221178558978 image for the first problem(sorry for korean, forgot to change it)
  6. My computer spec cpu: intel pentium g630 graphic:nvidia gt440 mainboard: samsung???(Can't find in the internet...) When I try to install High Sierra(or Sierra) I always suck at the end of the moment problem with ~~.pkg So everytime I got stuck I disabled it. And in the end I disabled almost eveything(except for the mouse/keyboard thing). And I got problem with Hackintosh-Zone.mkg In the first I thought the problem was windows installed in the other partition. So I erased it and tried again. But the result was just same... I remember that erasing the hole HDD and installing hackintosh worked(only once). But the problem is that I need to use windows. And couldn't find any way to divide HDD without erasing the whole in the sierra. Any suggestions??? Sorry for questioning. I don't know how but it's installed! XD +It's high sierra Niresh ver. I had two partition when it got installed(one for Mac os, and the other ex-fat for windows-didn't installed yet.) Thanks you Niresh!!!
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