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  1. Well... after break the system 4 times... reinstall the OS 5 times... I think now is all ok! I Guess the problem was something about the Time Machine restore. Tested a lot of things here, a lot of ways to restore, and always in some time break the shutdow/reboot So my solution was a clean install and install everything from zero, and till now all is working
  2. Probably its the same problem was mine in here:
  3. Tried now, install with kext wizard to system/library/extension correct? And it gave me bootloops... removed in terminal using the recovery mode, and boots fine, but with no Shutdown and Reboot. In Sierra Vanilla was working without any problem using SMBIOS iMac 12.2 EDIT.: I'm testing some stuf on CLover Configratior, and testing the darkwake options... and with darkwake=no, one time it shutdonw completly, but canto repeat again. And the funniest part is, my PC aré sleep/wake perfect! hahahaha... I cant understand that hahaha
  4. Specs are: Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 i5 3550k 16gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 HD Sata3 for windows and data SSD Sandisk X110 128gb with actual High Sierra GTX660
  5. So, after my previewsly post here: Everything works great! Well... almost... the minor problem appears the system check the update of de CUDA Drivers may be broken, I1m already using the lastest driver, but stills say I have to update... but no problems to use at all The real problem starts with the Shutdown... here in Vanilla Sierra, sometimes when shutdown, all things are off, but my PC still on, in this case, fans still running. But reboot work fine. Now in High Sierra, always a have to shutoff my PC on button, and for my surprise, reboot does not work, simply make the routine to reboot and stops like the shutdown, with all off and the Fans ON. Can I pull some log or make some tests to help solve this? In Clover I See the "FixShutdown" checked... teste without and marked again, but no lucky. Change some stuff of my BIOS, but this was just a shoot in the dark. Thanks again
  6. In my case, its on North bridge options... in the I can choose what is my primary graphic (set to PCI Express)... and below I have this option of Multi monitor... was in AUTO and now changed to Disable. In your case can be on other option, so search for where you can select the primary card, probably you will find some options about the igpu (i found something about the Memory Size too, have to leave at AUTO, if set some number, the igpu still runing)
  7. Thank you so much! After some time digging to found how properly disable yhe integrated graphic, i found the option "Multi monitor support", and only have to desable it with the primary PCIE graphics set to enable Now it boots fine! I'm now making a new backup time machine to migrate to High Sierra... thank you again for this incredible work Niresh EDIT.: Everything is great! Faster than ever here! Thanks again
  8. Actualy no, my SSD is alredy in GUID For test purpose I unpluged my HDD (this yes is in MBR)... and nothing changed
  9. Hi, I'm currently use a Hackintosh Sierra on my PC, everything works great, but I want to install High Sierra with Hackintosh Zone again (I used a time ago), so, downloaded and make the USB bootable. The USB boots fine... enter the Clover (or the CHameleon)... boot with instalation... and after recognize my hard drives... it stop in these lines above... a Let it about 1h and no changes, it try every 10s with other pid number and no changes I Tried change some thingsm for exemple, change the SMBIOS to iMac 12.2 (I use this in my actual Sierra)... and tried to boot with all stock setting on bios (with the changes to make Hackintosh work, of course) and nothing... tried to boot with my actual Clover, and no luck again... tried USB 2.0 and 3.0, nothing changed... to be shure I'm boot in to the older USB with Sierra, and everything boots correctly So... any tips to me? My Specs are: Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 i5 3550k 16gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 HD for windows and data SSD Sandisk X110 128gb with actual Sierra GTX660 Thanks and sorry for any mistake typed
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