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  1. Well, it's usually under the service cover. Have a look at the bottom of the laptop. There should be a symbol for wifi and memory where the service cover is.
  2. Hi, Could you post the picture of the wifi card from both sides? There is a sku part number that will tell us the manufacturer and model.
  3. HP ProBook 640 G1. It's a stock HP board with Core i7-4610m..
  4. My Kingston Savage shows 480-490MB steady read/write. The speed is not guaranteed it's always up to. I don't know about Adata but some SSD manufacturers use different sata controllers in 120GB and then 240GB or higher drives in the same model series. Intel drives used to have a much lower write than read.
  5. HP don't use any whitelists any more. Unfortunately Apple dropped its support for Atheros wifi cards and never really supported the Intel ones. They got even fined in the EU for not supporting Intel. Get a Broadcom 4352 or 4360. Unfortunately for the sound to work you have to use patches. There are videos on youtube how to do it.
  6. Well, use the usb to get into the system. Then install Clover Configurator. In the tool section select Mount EFI. It should list 2 entries. One is the hard drive and the other the USB. Mount both of them and simply copy the USB EFI folder content into the EFI folder (delete the original files) on the hard drive. After the reboot navigate into the EFI/Clover folder on the hdd and select the Cloverx64.efi boot file.
  7. Look for: guide-hp-probook-elitebook-zbook-using-clover-uefi-hotpatch Follow the post installation..
  8. The guy RehabMan has a complete step by step manual how to install Mojave on your laptop. Worked well for my 640 G1. The only difference is that I don't have the ATI vga. As for the Wifi you have to get a Broadcom wifi such as BCM94352.
  9. Hi, You need only the Niresh Mojave zip file. It contains a torrent link to the actual dmg image file for download in Transmission or other torrent client. I can confirm it all works..
  10. IHi, I have followed the guide too, installed Clover and everything works fine. Make sure when you install Clover that it's for the right setup. I had to change the setting for UEFI only (click on customise tab) because the default settings was for legacy (BIOS). It means it won't create the EFI partition with the necessary files needed for booting in UEFI mode. I wanted to add that when I first installed High Sierra and Clover the EFI partition was formatted in FAT16 and not FAT32. I had to format it to FAT32 manually (dual boot with linux made it easy) and then copied the usb EFI folder content on it. I realised that something was wrong when Clover Configurator wouldn't mount the EFI partition (SSD not HDD).
  11. Hi guys, I have got this Broadcom chip to replace my 7260ac because Apple doesn't support Intel wifi cards (bluetooth works). This card has different connectors so I bought the IPEX 4 to IPEX 1 adapter cables off eBay just for this card. However, it doesn't seem to fit the connectors. Do I have to use some additional force to get it fit? Anyone tried to have them fit? Thanks
  12. The first issue is due to the bootloader not installed during the installation. You have to download Clover and install it on the boot drive. https://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/ Make sure that the EFI partition on the HDD/SSD is formatted to FAT32 and not FAT16!! It happened to me and I had to format the EFI partition again and then copy the content of the EFI partition from the USB drive on it. The second issue is due to missing kext for your audio. I'm yet to figure out sound on my HP Probook. This can be sorted by Clover Configurator. http://mackie100projects.altervista.org/download-clover-configurator/ This app will let you to configure boot options and drivers. edit: Just installed WoodooHDA kext and sounds is up.. https://sourceforge.net/projects/voodoohda/
  13. I have had this message when booting previous Sierra. There are posts on the internet to suggest to get a different usb drive (got the message on Corsair Voyager and it worked with Lexar Firefly both at 8GB). Using boot flags might also help. http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/01/list-of-common-hackintosh-boot-flags_29.html -v -x npci=x2000 UseKernelCache=No worked for me.
Turn Off ADBlock Extension If you have.
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