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  1. maybe I did not speak correctly. I have mounted EFI partition of SSD on which I had installed Mojave (whole disc for Hackintosh) and copy file directly. Maybe that was wrong?
  2. Thank you. Due to your instruction I was able to install hackintosh zone. But unfortunateli it does not boot. Either from USB thank choose OSX HDD in clover. Or from OSX directlly (I put that kext to OSX efi partition) To install I had to load all options from clover. But to boot it does not help. Those are screenshoots
  3. Thanks for answer. I know it's strange but I don't have that option - it's 2018 UEFI gaming laptop bought just to process photos. My bios reports HDD as RAID. I found one solution: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/acer-predator-17-g9-791-79y3-gaming-laptop.201216/page-2#post-1629164 Can you help me how to make changes to your Mojave distro?
  4. Thanks for your work Niresh, But on my Acer Predator G5 793 72A7 i don't see any discs (only booting USB) -it's Niresh Mojave distro. I have 1TB nvme Plextor SSD and 120GB SATA SSD which I would like to use completly with mojave. Can anyone help me with that? my specs: Core i7 7700HQ CPU Intel HM175 mobile chipset 8GB RAM Nvidia Gforce 1060M 6GB graphics card killer ethernet/wireless net card
    first OS to boot properly. But I doesn't see any hdd in my setup (Acer Predator G5 793, 1TB nvme SSD and 120GB SATA SSD). Any suggestions?
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