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  1. High Sierra Is not working properly as after clicking on continue to install at last stage of installation option. After 3-5 minutes it says error
  2. Built Sirra like Yosemite which runs on every windows based pc. Sierra doesn't run on every pc
  3. I am using hackintosh Yosemite on hp pavilion dv3 2100 series in which everything is going Perfectly but it is not recognizing USB 2.0 I have tried all the usb kext. One of the kext worked but after reboot it again did not work. Then I have to reinstall kext and again reboot to use USB. PLEASE HELP ME OUT.
  4. I have installed yosemite on HP 250 G1 Notebook pc . It is not supporting wifi service . I am having ralink card it is also not supporting On SCREEN KEYBOARD , and Battery icon or energy options please help me out.
  5. I have downloaded your mite. Zone.dmg 4 times but it is not working on transmac , can't create bootable usb

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