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  1. Hi.. I started using Mac OS Sierra one week ago. I installed Clover on my HP Pavilion G4 1104DX.. I have no problems with the Boot Loader My Problems Are in: - The Internet is not working at all. - The WiFi is not working too. - And I can't find my Display and Battery Drivers. I tried too many ways to solve those problems but none of them worked with me. My Laptop is dead without those things, and I want a Solution as fast as possible, please. I'll be glade if someone Helped me. Thank you.
  2. I have HP Pavilion Laptop 1104DX And I can't find my Drivers at all.. I Have Installed The Mac OS Sierra, and Every thing is going well Except the Display and The WIFI I want a Solution Please, The Display Isn't Very Important to me but I can't use it without the WIFI, I'll be glade if someone helped me.. Thank you.
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