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  1. Sorry for the question. it was simple copy paste work. I used niresh's clover configurator to mount efi partition of my HDD. Copied all contents of clover from usb HZ/EFI/CLOVER to clover in my HDD efi's clover folder.
  2. Installation of Sierra on HDD with window 10 failed giving undefined error 0. But I can boot the installed os on my HDD with the help of the niresh Sierra usb but it fails to boot on its own. I installed official clover release from source forge on the Mac at HDD booted with help of usb. After clover installation boot menu lists all the os in clover menu but the Mac os booting hangs indefinitely . In verbose mode, it seems to be stuck after printing few plus signs. I tried installing on two different laptop (lenovo 3rd gen i7 and Dell 5th gen i5)and both have same issues.
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