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  1. Drive's asking permission. For how much time did it get stuck? Edit: Start with verbose and send screenshot. Have you installed AMD kernel?
  2. Had the same problem on a Toshiba Satellite C640. Core i5 Sandy Bridge. I could not boot with UEFI on that, so gave up. P.S. Messed up my bios, turning of USB Legacy. Now I can't enter BIOS lol Any fixes for this? I am a noob at it lol
  3. Try with -v bootflag. After doing that, send a screenshot or google where it had stopped.
  4. I have installed Sierra Zone on my Dell Vostro 3250. I cannot boot with UEFI Clover and have to use my USB to boot at all times. And a problem with a WiFi + Bluetooth Card Hey! I am new to the Hackintosh Community and have installed macOS Sierra Zone (From USB) using UEFI and I can't boot using the HDD. I have - A Dell Vostro 3250, with Pentium G4400 (installed using FakeCPUID in Clover) - Dell 1707 Wireless Card(WiFi 802.11b/g/n 2.4ghz + BT 4.0 LE) I cant boot using Clover, and it opens Chameleon. I have enabled UEFI and Legacy both. And when I am in macOS, I can't use WiFi. Any help here please? P.S. This is my second Hackintosh build. ( prev. done with Mac OS X Lion Niresh v2 on AMD A10 APU, no perfect graphics, legacy) EDIT: I'm done. Installed AR9565 next, WiFi up and running. As for Bluetooth and graphics.... Dunno.
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