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  1. Its all written in the posts above Using Safe mode, you use the written syntax Thanks to NIRESH Boot installed volume in Safe Mode (with -s boot flag), and execute the following commands, one by one. mount -uw / ENTER rm -rf /Library/Extensions/AppleIntelE1000e.kext ENTER rm -rf /Library/Extensions/IntelMausiEthernet.kext ENTER kextcache -i / ENTER exit
  2. Its working now, had to go to safe mode to clean the wifi ethernet option and voila...great... Thank you thank you 🙂 without you would be impossible. I really appreciate you fast response and replies.
  3. @Niresh I have today installed the new graphic card as mentioned, unfortunately, after many retries, I have reinstalled the image file again from scratch, and did not unchecked anything on the customize Menu during the installation process, tried all the options, but still no luck. I will post again a small video again with the booting process
  4. Great choice then. I will putteak tit this week (the card) and then let you know how it went
  5. @Niresh @Niresh I already tried. Did not worked. What do you think that i change the graphic card as you said and maybe buy an AMD XFX RX 580 Black edition OC ?
  6. @Niresh ITs an NVIDIA GTX 650 as already wrote / posted in the screeshots.. Thank you again to be so supportive.
  7. @Niresh @PipiKARMA Above are additional info you kindly also provided. hope is enough
  8. Just to mention, I already had Maverick and El Capitan successfully installed and used for years from your previously DMGs. Since the apps I am using can not be upgraded anymore, incl. my sound card, I needed to upgrade / reinstall from scratch Mojave to keep up with the apps and the new drivers for my peripherals. Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3350P CPU @ 3.10 GHz 2x RAID disks SYSTEM SSD KINGSTON 250GB 16 GB of RAM USB (cable) keyboard and mouse from MAC. Do you need more infos?
  9. @Niresh OK, I got a little more further :-) I am posting where I am stack now https://photos.app.goo.gl/M4EZ423cqcqoMrv17
  10. @Niresh thx for the quick reply I will do it ASAP So...I am at the moment installing the MAC OS from scratch, and then I will in safe mode again correctly insert the commands you gave me in the previous posts (BTW...using space to uncheck the "WIFI & ETHERNET" option did not worked) Then, I hope that it will boot normally. Keep you posted.
  11. @PipiKARMA@Niresh Unfortunately I suppose that there are some permission issues accesing in "DOS MODE" empting the cache Posting again some pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/y2jZ4gSNSE5HCLwZ7
  12. @Niresh aha, great i will empty the cache with your syntax now (with slash) Then I will reboot, and after that, what should I do with boot flags in clover?
  13. Before I can tell, I am posting you the screenshot of the procedure you gave me. I think there will be some issues. Take a look please and comment https://photos.app.goo.gl/15xzUgA4od9JdCAo9
  14. Yes, i am just trying at the moment. Entered the safe mode... putting in your settings at the moment. I will keep you posted
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