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  1. Rav_ind3r

    Need help regarding Installation

    i've amd a8 7410 processor with radeon r5 graphics, nd ram is 8 gb
  2. HI everyone i tried installing sierra on my amd based laptop, i somehow managed to get to installer but whenever i click on install mac it starts installing but after 30-40 seconds it gave me error 'no bless settings for primary boot program was found' please help me rearding that
  3. Rav_ind3r

    Need help regarding my hardware

    okay thanks a lot bro,im eagrly waiting
  4. Need help regarding Compatiablitiy Hi,can anyone please tell me is my hardware compatiable? i've amd a8 7410 processor with radeon r5 graphics card... am i able to install sierra on my pc
  5. Rav_ind3r

    Need help regarding my hardware

    but bro can u upload that incognitosierraamd? cus im unable to download it...no seeds are there
  6. Need help regarding my hardware Hi everyone,i'm new here and my name is rav, nd i recently bought a new amd based laptop here are its specs... Processor amd a8 7410 with radeon r5 graphics,8 gb ram, amd R16M-M1-30 DDR3L 2GB graphics card... can anyone/any dev please tell me that am i able to install any osx on my laptop,if yes please guide me or gimme a link if there's already a topic regarding that.. tbh i asked many people,but they all said i cant install...so i caem here with a great hope from u guys it's a huge request,please anyone help me....please....