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  1. There is a patch for MBR & Sierra. Did you apply it already? If not check for it and give it another try There is a MBR OSInstaller.Framework rework which actually enables you to install it. But yeah ...check for Sierra MBR Patch
  2. Hi Huskee, What is the USB partition scheme used -> MBR or GUID? What is the BIOS configuration as well in terms of booting -> Legacy/EFI or UEFI? Check also the BIOS requirements for starting mac os x
  3. Hey mate, This is what i said -> dont go w the NVDAGF100Hal.kext (maverick kext for nvidia as you will end up having some other issues and you will have to further debug it), therefore just install the nvidia web one (installing doesnt mean to use it! ok? ). It will install additional libs and afterwards the default OS X driver will be fine to go. And yes, i do use clover -> UEFI (dont go w legacy, i dont think it will works). The thing is to ask the nvidia web driver to use the Web Driver but it will fail and it will switch back to original OS X one (by asking i dont mean putting the boot args, but to click on the web driver in the nvidia system pref pane) Maybe mine explanation is quite bad (sorry for my english) but try this link https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/os-x-default-graphics-driver-overriding-nvidia-web-driver.177492/ and check the response frmo FireclawX #9. He explained the same method which i'm trying to explain. It is not very logical but it is working. Just quoting "Ocassionally if I boot with nv_disable and then use the nvidia pref pane to change it to nvidia web drivers instead of OSX drivers, I can click the icon to reboot and get in without using the nv_disable flag, however this does not always work.Any idea what might be going on?" Good luck P.S. R u using 2 screens or just one? If it is one, then it should work out very easy. It is very important to have one screen connected while booting the OS and have both of them connected during the installation of the OSX itself.
  4. Hi mate, After some tests i managed also to start it without the old driver + cuda +...etc but a bit more easy way: So 1st make sure that you dont have two screens connected while booting the installed OS but connect both monitors during the installation!!! -> that's the issue for me -> but once you've managed to boot you can connect your 2nd monitor and enable it. Unfortunately i have my new nvidia 1060 which can run only in Sierra, so i dont have the el cap any more but here are the steps which i did (i hope my memory is good) 1. Install El capitan (two screens connected) 2. Boot El cap with nv_disable=1; (one screen should be used, use the DVI) 3. Install the web driver, restart (nv_disable=1 shoud be enabled) and once the system is up/running, remove the nv_disable=1, start the nvidia pref pane and choose the web and restart If i remember correctly you wont need the any boot args as it will still try to use the default OS X driver but it will have some more libs. Here is my config.plist file as well: <key>RtVariables</key> <dict> <key>CsrActiveConfig</key> <string>0x3</string> <key>BooterConfig</key> <string>0x28</string> </dict> Let me know if u manage to make it P.S. Web driver-> Nvidia web driver pane in OSX (SystemPref) Maverick driver-> kext file not WebDriver but dont go this way as u will end up having some other issues
  5. Check how your BIOS is configured to boot (UEFI/EFI or Legacy) and choose the appropriate version of boot loader. Strongly recommended to go with EFI/UEFI and it is up to you to choose the boot loader (i prefer clover) Let us know the outcomes. Also paste the log file (windows -> log, show all)
  6. Hey Kim, I managed to complete install El Capitan (vanilla one) with all devices working ok. The nvidia was a struggle again but i managed to make it works (drivers from mavericks + cuda + web driver + nvda_drv=1 (bootflag)) I'm also dual monitoring, so during boot i'm using only the DVI one and once all is loaded/booted I'm attaching the VGA and enable it ..i didn't manage to find any other way to start both monitors without hanging/black screens/reboots So it is working great now & many thanks as well as to @Niresh for the good debugging boot how-to page
  7. Hey Kim, I dont need Sierra for a particular app... it was time to move from Mavericks which is pretty good OS but quite old and some apps are not supported any more @Niresh Maybe Niresh will be able to give us a hint? and it will be very appreciated Meanwhile do u know any good guide for El Capitan...vanilla one i guess? mn thnx
  8. Hi Kim, The system is locked up/hanged completely so it is not some USB(mouse, KBD) issue, also i'm using UEFI bootloader; The craziness is that im not able to find anything in the logs but i assume it is the video driver as before installing the Web one, only one of the monitors is working w poor performance, while whenever the Web driver is installed, both of the monitors are displaying the blury wallpaper/login screen but it is complete stuck at that moment Meanwhile w maverick the video card was working fine, so i think there is a way to make it works but not an expert so any suggestions are welcome
  9. Hi, Im facing the same issue w geforce gt 705, Sierra installed, the card is detected but very poor performance. Whenever using Nvidia web driver, at login screen everything is stuck. Any ideas? System configuration: Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 3.59 GHz Memory: 16 GB Chipset Model: Dell GeForce GT 705 Type: GPU Bus: PCIe Slot: PCI Slot 0 PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 2048 MB
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