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  1. Deltagande

    3 items not working

    Thanks for the reply. I've done a bit of delving, and the Realtek info I supplied is for Ethernet. For wifi the hardware is Qualcom Atheros QCA9565/AR9565 All I can find on the video is Vendor ID GenuineIntel (sic) VGA compatible controller Intel Corporation 3rd generation core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09) Regarding the Audio device: Intel Corporation 7 series/C216 chipset family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04) I'd like to know where and how to get at the startup log in the EFI partition. And btw is there a good guide to the structure of the EFI menus? I go in to the option which starts with EFI and get a pair of options which look as though they could refer to disks. Then I get a menu with BOOT and CLOVER as the last two options, choose CLOVER and get another menu which includes titles like Drivers and CLOVERx64.efi. Some of them go nowhere, just take one back to the BIOS menu. Hope this gives you the information you need.
  2. Deltagande

    3 items not working

    Wow! I'm impressed. After all the struggles I've had with different Hackintosh distros, this one just WORKED! I'm on a HP ProBook 4540s and I have more details if they are needed Just three things which aren't working, and I guess I need some help to find drivers or kexts for them. The most important is wifi. My machine has an Integrated Realtek RTL8151FH-CG card, but neither wifi nor Ethernet works. Then my 1366x768 screen only shows 1024x768. The video card is apparently an Intel HD4000. And finally, and least important, There are no audio devices, neither input nor output registered. I don't at the moment know what equipment it is that drives the audio system. I can no doubt find it if I reboot into the Ubuntu disk I still have and take the details from dmesg. Which reminds me, apparently the installation process records the log in the EFI directory but I can't find that. Probably n00b questions, and I'm sorry for that, but I'd appreciate any help people can give.
  3. I haven't got to the stage of installing yet. I can't get the Mavericks Restore package to write the Mavericks dmg to my USB chips. Everything worked fine writing High Sierra to USB chip, but the installation onto disk failed time after time, and I had nothing to bring to the forum, so I decided to lower my sights and go for Mavericks. I have downloaded the Mavericks dmg and the Mavericks Restore package, placed them in the same directory, reformated my USB chip (I've tried two, one 8 GB the other 16 GB and the one I got a working HS install on), run Mavericks Restore, it goes through the motions, reports Done, and then when I check the USB chip I find that a) the partition is unmounted although it was mounted at the start and 'b) there is nothing on the USB chip. I must have run Mavericks restore about six or seven times, on the two chips, with different configurations, GUID, MBR and Apple whatever-it-is without any change. I've downloaded Mavericks Restore a second time with no other result. I'm a bit surprised how small it is - only about 7 kb, and I can't find anything resembling code in there. So what's to try now?