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  1. Thank you i will try that, i only used "-v" during the installation so that i could see what was going on. Also when i say that it "freezes" during setting up your mac, i mean that i don't get past that screen, but i can still move my mouse, so i don't think it's a kernel panic or similar... SPECS: Laptop: HP Probook 4510s CPU: Intel Celeron Dual-Core Processor T1600 1.66 GHz Chipset: Mobile Intel GL40 Express Chipset , 667 MHz front side bus (models with integrated graphics) GPU: Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD (Integrated) RAM: 4 GB DDR2 800 Mhz Gonna try and restall. Will report back! Update: Just reinstalled with -v -x + used it on the first boot. Still stuck at setting up your mac (i can move my mouse). It's been stuck there for 30 minutes now..
  2. I know haha, Everytime i install it get's stuck on "setting up your mac" so i have to hard reboot the laptop.. maybe that is why i get all these problems? haha I don't have any file called com.apple.keychainaccess.plist even tho i have hidden files shown, i did verify disk and it said that the volume is OK.. Damn this lol
  3. Once again thank you for helping! When i click on reset default keychain i just get "The Specified Keychain Could Not be Found" I also don't know the password for unlocking "local keychain".. no password that i have set seems to work.
  4. Thanks i will try that now. Update: Just did it, it ended with "the volume appears to be ok" But i still have the same problem. Can't open stuff in the preferences, like network/users and groups etc. It just get suck on "loading" And yes it's pretty weird that it happens everytime i reboot.. This is what is looks like: https://i.gyazo.com/1cf4949566aa51c6d2768e2f933599bc.png So i don't really get to a "normal" login screen.
  5. Thanks for your answer, I already tried that, same problem occurs on a new account, also. If i login to any other account than root, i get a lot of questions marks on apps. Because everytime i start the Hackintosh it says mac osx want to make some changes so i have to login as root to allow it..
  6. System preferences "Loading" HELP! So i just installed mavericks on my laptop, everything works fine (except wifi of course because my card is not compatible) But i have a problem, when i enter system perferences, and click on Users & Groups, or Network, or ANY other tab except for general. It just says "Loading" but the setting never pops up, only way to close it is to force close the system preferences.. I have tried to repair the disc premissions but that didn't work, still the same problem, can anyone help me? Thanks.
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