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  1. That didn't work either. I give up on this, I don't think it's ever going to work. Thank you for all your help! @Rico Cremer
  2. I will try to do this tomorrow thank you! But I can't do the first one because I can't put my computer to sleep, it just turns off when I press the power button, the only way I put it to sleep is through windows I select sleep but I will try the second one, and my monitor is connected through DVI
  3. Well it's half way into booting then the screen turns black like if the monitor was off but it doesn't say it doesn't have a signal, then in a few seconds the backlight turns off but it's still a black screen then the back lights turn on but it's still a black screen then the process repeats. I slso left it on for a long time to see if it will fix but it turned off after a certain amount of time. @Rico Cremer
  4. So I tried booting with -v and -x and also GraphicsEnabler=No and it still gets the black screen. So I guess it's not the graphics card related. I wonder what it can be, and sorry for the late reply. @Rico Cremer
  5. @Rico Cremer Thank you! I will try this tomorrow and report back.
  6. Half way into booting then black screen Hello, I am having a problem when I try to boot into Yosemite after the installation. After the installation it restarts then I unplug my usb boot drive then it loads into the Yosemite Zone Menu. I see two apple logos and under the first one is the name of the hard drive where I installed Yosemite. The other apple logo says Recovery HD. I select my hard drive then halfway into loading it turns into a black screen. Oh yeah and when I was installing Yosemite I clicked customize and installed the npci=0x3000 kext. I also installed Yosemite without the kext and just left as is but it still did the same thing. When I boot into the installer I need to type /amd1 npci=0x3000 in order to load into the installation. I'm guessing it's a graphics card problem, I checked my graphics card compatibility and it is supported, since 10.8. it's the Sapphire Radeon 7950. Thank you for any replies!
  7. @Rico Cremer Sadly it still didn't work. I selected my drive and deleted the partition then set it to gpt the added the new partition. Im still not sure why it is not seeing my 2nd drive. I set the new partition to fat32.
  8. 2nd Hard Drive not detected when trying to install Hello, I'm having a problem trying to install Yosemite on my computer. When I boot off the USB and go through the process I go to disk utility to try to format my 2nd 250GB hard drive but it doesn't show up there. The only things that shows up is my main hard drive and the USB. I tried disconnecting my main hard drive and only leaving my 2nd one connected but it doesn't work still. I did everything I did in my motherboard, I turned the SATA to AHCI and and set the boot thing to boot off the USB. My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2. Thank you for any responses
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