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  1. i have the same problem..asus a55v i7 2.4 ghz 16 giga ram 750 giga hard disk..with yosemite niresh all is ok..i don' understand where is the problem..
  2. root device--- at boot of installation HID=legacy shim 2 still waiting for root device.. this error and then nothing...asus a55v i7 ..750 giga hd 16 giga ram...yosemite niresh run without problems but i need to install sierra niresh,,,who can haelp me?thank you
  3. i have the same problem...asus a55v i7 8 giga ram 750 g hd...i have install yosemite without problem..with sierra zone a have the same message..if i want to install sierra with clover what is the procedure?i press the number 6 on key on startup but i have the same menu..
  4. yosemite freeze so people if i don't use hdmi and external monitor the system don't freeze...yehhhh...3 days and 2 night working hard on protools 12 logic pro and final cut pro without freeze....i'm happy
  5. yosemite freeze so all the system boot and all is ok..the problem is that the system freeze randomly and i only must restart the laptop...i use chameleon and yosemite niresh...my notebook is an asus a55v 8 giga ram 750 hard disk i7 2.4 ghz... Logic protools and cubase are without problems..only is the freeze sometimes after 5 or 10 minutes and sometimes after hours of hard working on audio...
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