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  1. what does your vram show in the about this mac option ? Must be 4mb. i checked out one of the guides with the same specs as ours, please check this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuQRjaDrsnE
  2. thanks timothy for quick reply. Did you uncheck the GraphicsEnabler option in customization menu while installing osx ? If not, try booting with the boot flag GraphicsEnabler=No along with -v-x. Also let me know, found this out from insanely mac forums. meanwhile me searching for any hd 6320 kext if available.
  3. hey i have a amd apu e450 based laptop too. Here are the complete specs.http://valid.canardpc.com/ejk838 i tried ideneb distro once but twas a complete failure. What method did you use and what boot flags did you use to boot up ? Please look into my laptops specs and please guide me through if its possible. Many thanks in advance. though sorry bro couldnt help you as i am a complete newbie in this arena.
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