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  1. I know that Yosemite Zone is supposed to be installed on real hardware, but it works fine too even on VMWare 12 (with AMD patched kernel). The only issue I still face is shutdown kernel panic. The only way to avoid the whole VMWare hangs, is to restart the VM and the shutdown the VM. I'm pretty sure there were a kext for the issue.
  2. Update base, kernel and kext I'm testing yosemite zone, and well, it works pretty well on Amd 8320 fx. However I'm pretty new to mackintosh world, so I know a very little about it. It runs with defaults (and prebuilt optimized) boot args. I'd like to update/test the new version and kernel (10.10.4) which should fix shutdown issue also in a vm I use for that. I'm not sure about the order of these things: 1) Should I run backup? (well, probably it's almost mandatory xD) 2) Should I update version directly from hackintosh? 3) When/where/how update kernel and kexts; how to preserve the previous ones. 4) Can be kernel-new kexts tested before replacing anything? (a sort of /kernelname -loadkext=path/to/kext/1.kext in bootloader). 5) Loading in bootloader; probably can be done both with GUI, startup console or editing the file, but it's better to know the various options.
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